Tuesday, December 4, 2007

all Gaul is divided into three parts

All of Standish-Ericsson is divided into 3 caucus precincts.

To the north lie the pastoral highlands of precinct W-9 P-08. Their residents are bravest because they are furthest from the civilization and refinement of the new Caribou and Grand Ole Creamery on Cedar and Minnehaha Parkway :-) To the south, by the great inland sea of Lake Hiawatha, home to beavers in the early 90s, we find the glades and peoples of precinct W-12 P-11, bounded to the south by Minnehaha Creek. Between these two vast regions, there is the third precinct, W-12 P-08, north of rolling green battlefields, once graced by the mighty Tiger Woods.

Below are detailed maps of each precinct, which you can enlarge by clicking on them.

(Comments are welcome if you'd like to add anything to the descriptions.)

It is here that the battle is to be waged on February 5, 2008, for Ron Paul. Will you be there at the caucuses? The world will pass down the legend of what happened here that day. What will you tell your children?

Minneapolis W-9 P-08

Minneapolis W-12 P-08

Minneapolis W-12 P-11

Source for Standish-Ericsson map: Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association

Update (Dec 5, 2007): All Gaul is divided into 3 parts? No, four.

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